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By 2040, it is predicted that 54% of the world’s vehicle sales will be electric.[1] As cities worldwide grow in size, the need to reduce vehicle emissions from traditional combustion engines will become even more important. As access to vehicles and infrastructure continues to increase, and the UAE government continues its drive towards sustainability, we believe the number of electric vehicle owners in the region will increase rapidly.

Across the globe, and here in the UAE, we believe 2018 will be the year of the EV.


In September 2017, China declared a “near-future” ban on the sale of all traditional combustion engine petrol and diesel vehicles. Oxford (UK) will ban them by 2020, Norway will ban them by 2025, India, The Netherlands, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Vancouver by 2030; Scotland by 2032 and the UK and France by 2040.

The respective Mayors of Los Angeles, Mexico City, Seattle, Barcelona, Vancouver, Milan, Quito, Cape Town, and Auckland have also pledged to ban petrol and diesel cars from “large parts” of their cities by 2030[2].

The UAE is a regional leader in EV incentives.

  • The UAE Government has mandated that 10% of all government fleets will be EV’s by 2020
  • The Dubai EV sector grew ~30% between 2014 and 2016[3]
  • The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Estimates 32,000 EVs sold in Dubai by 2020[4]
  • The Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy mandates carbon emissions reduction of 16% by 2021
  • DEWA is providing
    • Free EV charging at all DEWA chargers until 2020
    • Free assigned parking in 40 locations across Dubai
    • Exemption from RTA vehicle registration/renewal fees
    • Salik tag fee exemption

Previously, there has been no unified voice for electric vehicle owners in the region, and no way to connect with other owners. At the Electric Vehicle Owners Association (EVOA), we want to create a community that encourages members to discuss, debate and share their thoughts on electric vehicle ownership in the UAE. Our EVOA forum allows you, the owners and users of electric vehicles, to network with other owners. You can share information on events, drives or meet ups you are arranging. You can ask others questions about the vehicles they own, or share information on your vehicle. You can even use the forum to socialize – a way to meet new friends who are interested in the dynamic and fast-moving world of electric mobility.

We also understand that there are challenges involved in adopting a new and exciting technology. You might need to know where to charge your car, purchase charging infrastructure or have your vehicle serviced, or have concerns about policy developments and incentives in the region. We encourage you to share your thoughts. We hope that the EVOA will become a powerful voice for electric vehicle owners in the UAE, and will help to ensure that your voice – as an owner – is heard by the right people.

Most of all, we created the EVOA because we are passionate about electric vehicles and electric mobility. We believe in the potential of electric vehicles in the UAE, and we would love you to share our journey.

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[4] Personal conversation with DEWA employee, October 2017

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