We welcome all electric vehicle owners in the UAE to join us. The more owners that join the association, the greater our collective voice will be. It will also help to ensure a vibrant and active community for our members.

Membership with the EVOA is free of charge. You can join the EVOA by completing the contact form available on this page. If you wish to support our ongoing work, you may choose to make a contribution to the EVOA via our donation page. This will help to ensure the maintenance of our website, and the addition of new features.

To be a member of the EVOA, you must own an electric vehicle in the UAE.

The EVOA will initially offer members the following:

Networking. Members will have access to exclusive social networking groups for internal communication. In addition, EVOA will host real-life networking events to provide opportunities for members to meet in person and explore new opportunities.

Discounts. EVOA will negotiate partnership agreements to provide members with discounted rates and exclusive offers on insurance, car loans, EV supplies, etc.

Voice. The EVOA will advocate for members’ interests, acting as a voice for the community. For example, we will lobby for new charger installation in public and private locations, or for EV government incentives. EVOA is also a point of contact for government and corporate offices wishing to engage the community.

Information. What hotels are EV-friendly? What are the latest government incentives? EVOA will keep members up to date with regular information such as educational materials and seminars, periodic training, and a regular newsletter.

Market Data. What is state of the U.A.E. EV market? What are the trends? The EVOA has answers, and can provide business insight to help EV industry growth.

Education. This is a public benefit. By educating prospective buyers, we ensure that people get the right car for their needs. EVOA is not loyal to any EV brand.

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